for healthy and productive soils

Getting to the root of the problem

At HumaTerra, we believe that the solution to modern agriculture problems lies beneath our feet. Our soils were once complex ecosystems bearing life to various microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi; today, due to industrial farming practices, these life forms have nearly perished leaving agriculture soils infertile. For this reason, we, like many people, have turned to regenerative agriculture.

HumaTerra provides a natural and profitable solution for both conventional and organic farmers. Our products restore the soil’s fertility with the help of microbial organisms harvested from composted organic waste and recycled by-products.

Revitalizing our soils, enhances the nutritional quality and productivity of our crops.

Our philosophy


HumaTerra was set up in 2016 by a team of passionate farmers, scientists, and investors, who firmly believed that the soil's health is at the heart of sustainable farming practices. Revitalizing the soil's life web has many benefits such as enhancing the nutritional quality of crops, enforcing plant root systems, lowering fossil fuel emission by reducing the need for herbicide, pesticides and fertilizers. All this is possible by composting organic waste which is harvested from sites and rural municipalities and then transformed into our micro-organism rich pellets. We offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions to food growers since we know if we take care of the land—the land will take care of us. 

Restore soil's ability to absorb carbon
Enhance nutritional quality
Restore soil health
Reduce pesticide input
Enhance root system
Using organic-waste
as feedstock

Products & Services


Indigenous Microbial Soil Enhancer

Our Soil Enhancer has proven to increase crop yields, food quality while additionally reducing the risk of crop diseases. The Enhancer allows farmers to lower their fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide input. All this is possible without compromising crop yields.

Indigenous Microbial Soil Conditioner

The HumaTerra Soil Conditioner has the same properties as the Soil Enhancer but it has a slower effect and is designed for broadcast application after harvesting: it can be considered an amendment as it biologically prepares the soil for spring seeding.

Organic Waste Processing Services

HumaTerra offers a composting service to agri-food companies, Rural Municipalities and Cities that are looking to lower their carbon footprint. We use organic waste as a feedstock to create our Soil Enhancer and Conditioner. Contact us to find out more.

Soil and Crop Consultation Services

HumaTerra's Consultation Service is not limited to improving crop quality and yield. We also offer advice and solutions regarding soil structure, soil water retention, porosity and microbial life. Our approach is analyse, diagnose, treat and prevent.

HumaTerra provides Canadian farmers with a range of new products and solutions. Contact us to join the revolution of Microbiologically Enhanced Farming!

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