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HumaTerra provides natural  and profitable solutions to Regenerative Agriculture by restoring soil fertility with microbial organisms  provided by  organic waste and by-products recycling. All this, in order to produce high quality plant and animal products.

At HumaTerra, we are highly conscious that all the people of our nation or elsewhere, our moms, our kids, we all want to eat great tasting and nourishing foods, to keep us healthy while preserving our planet. We, like you, are aware that the issue is not only to feed the world, but to feed the world in a healthy and sustainable way. This being said, is this wish still conceivable in the 21st century, when the scale of farm operations is ever increasing? YES, it is possible!

Life in the soil is the key to this agronomic reversal in the context of a new agricultural revolution. The farmers of the future will nurture the soil prior to nurturing the crops, which in turn will nourish people. The first steps in nurturing the soil and bringing it back to life, is to produce stable organic matter, in the form of humus. This revitalized life brings a balanced range of microbial ecosystems, mainly bacteria and fungi, the basis of the life pyramid in the soil.

At HumaTerra, we developed these ecosystems which are provided as Soil Enhancers (SEs) and/or Soil Conditioners (SCs). SEs are provided mainly in the form of pellets, suited for application in the furrow . SCs are also provided in pellet form, suited for broadcast application.

The yield, along with the margin, can increase from 5% to 30% depending on the crop grown, soil and weather conditions. The benefits are cumulative, meaning, as soil life develops with the use of the Soil Enhancers, the clay-humus complex will get stronger, the bio-availability of the nutrient for the crops will be better, the growth of the plant will be optimized; the soil and the crops will be better protected from the pathogens. Higher yields can be expected while achieving better quality The product can be used either as a complement to fertilizers or as a partial replacement.

HumaTerra will provide farmers of Canada with a range of new products and solutions, in order to make them cherish their occupation even more, and be the first MEF Farmers or "Microbiologically  Enhanced Farming" Farmers .