Fixing the soil's life web and making soil microbes work in agriculture again.

What is Regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture means going back to the basics of real agronomy which predates the current industrial farming practices.

A healthy soil contains micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi. This tiny life makes up what is called the soil's life web. Thanks to this web, plants are able to develop a strong root system that allows them to communicate with each other and distribute the minerals and nutrients necessary for each plant to grow strong and healthy.

Revitalizing the soil allows the micro-ecosystem to reach an equilibrium which reduces the need for fertilizers and herbicides. Allowing growers to lower their fossil output making this a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Additionally, it increases the soil's resistance to droughts and floods, and it also restores its ability to capture carbon.

Finally, this approach has proven to increase the nutritional value of crops and food. Thus the health of the soil is key in maintaining a healthy population and planet.

Restore soil's ability to absorb carbon
Reduce pesticide input
Restore soil health
Boost resistance to drought and floods
Enhance root system
Enhance nutritional quality

Our Approach

Closing the loop of organic waste recycling

Did you know that industries like forestry, landscaping and farming all produce organic waste and by-products? Even humans as we eat foods we inevitably create organic waste.


The problem is all this organic matter usually ends up in landfills eventually turning into methane or carbon. The good news is we can recycle organic waste!


HumaTerra recycles organic waste by composting it and using it as feedstock to produce our Soil Enhancers and Conditioners. Then food producers use our pellets to nourish the soil and to grow crops, resulting in a recycling loop.


Meet the Team


Koenraad Duhem

Director of Technologies & Strategic Development


Callie Kehrig

Agronomic & Ecological Field Technician


Miranda Friske

Sales Agent


Clem&Linda Perrault

Production Manager


Myriam Perrault



Edward Bodnar

Sales Agent

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