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What  we do at HumaTerra?


We basically use the organic wastes and turn them into  Soil Enhancers or  Conditioners to restore the (micro)-biology of our/your soils. Restoring the biology of the soils means literaly returning to the roots of real agronomy, Our/your  soils and our/your crops will improve. Your margins too. It's not big chemical industry. It's going back to the roots of healthy soils,  Our/your main asset as farmers. Hereunder a glimpse at what we are actually doing. It all starts with composting rather than destroying organic waste=feedstock=organic matter= food for life= life

From soil  food web to roots


The agricultural soil in Canada is depleted in soil microorganisms. The bacterial and the fungal microflora  is the basis of the pyramid of  Soil food  Web which includes protozoa, nematods, microarthropods etc. Those organisms must be balanced. They  then form various stable  and self-regulated ecosystems, among which the rhizospheric (the roots) ecosystem. A balanced  rhizosphere  contains various mycorhizal fungi that will "enhance" the root system. The slides above show fungal spores (seeds of fungi) and bacteria found in HumaTerra Soil Enhancers that will colonize soils (as shown soil aggregate) and improve the rooting systems by 50 to more than 200%. This will enable a better nutrient uptake, better yields, better quality and a better disease resistance capacity by the crop,