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Koenraad Duhem is General Manager of HumaTerra. He has  a 20 years long experience as a Scientific  Director in the French dairy industry and livestock sector. Long intrigued by  the fertility of pasture soil and their potential to sequester carbon, in 2016 he decided to take a sabbatical to enable him to have a closer look at how a restored soil microbiology could help farmers grow better crops and achieve better margins while improving their main asset, their land. Koenraad met Clem and Clément, two farmers from Zenon Park who he discovered shared the same passi​ons and concerns. They decided along with some other SK farmers to give the concept a try. Testing the results from he first  2 years  have proven that it works. 

Clement Perrault is an organic farmer in Zenon Park, SK. In 1989, Clement  and his wife Linda created Poplar Valley Organic Farms Inc. Their business and farming ethics are described on their website  http://www.poplarvalleyorganics.ca/  and thoroughly match the HumaTerra philosophy. They claim that "the choice of sustainable and healthy farming methods is our aim and makes good sense" Today, their son Simon has joined the Poplar Valley Farms where he is in charge with the cattle division..

Clement and Simon have been instrumental in getting HumaTerra operations  started by providing their time, facilities and equipment..

Clement Dion is a farmer in Zenon Park, SK. He managed his family’s dairy farm for over 40 years until 2011. For many years Clément, along with Clement Perrault and a group of local farmers have sought to find more ecological ways of farming.  He contributed to setting up HumaTerra.

Marguerite Tkachuk Is Economic Development Advisor at CECS and provides assistance to organize meetings with farmers