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Our soil Enhancers and Conditioners are ideal for every type of food grower whether you're a farmer, an orchardist or a gardener looking to improve your yields and crop quality, HumaTerra is here for you. Our pellets can even be applied to grazing pastures.



Our soil Enhancers and Conditioners can also be used by landscapers. The soil's health is the key to a lush lawn and blooming flower beds. We also offer an organic waste composting service.


Cities & rural municipalities

If you are a City or Rural municipality looking to lower your carbon footprint we can help by taking your organic waste and composting it. 


Who we Serve


Indigenous Microbial Soil Enhancer

HSE-Crop1 (organic) / HSECan1

The HumaTerra Soil Enhancer (HSE) is a micro-organism based pellet that is designed to regenerate the soil. The HSE can be used complementary to fertilizers allowing growers to reduce their fertilizer input while maintaining yields. The HSE has proven to increase the nutritional value of foods and crops. Additionally, it reduces the impact of diseases in plants, eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides.

The HumaTerra Soil Enhancer is preferably applied in the furrow while seeding with an air-seeder; it's also suited for broadcast application.


Indigenous Microbial Soil Conditioner

HSC1 (organic)

The HumaTerra Soil Conditioner (HSC1) has the same properties as the Soil Enhancer but it has a slower effect. The HSC1 is best applied after harvest to prepare the soil for spring seeding. 

The Soil Conditioner is best suited for broadcast application.

Application Rates


Organic Waste Processing

HumaTerra recycles organic waste since it is an essential ingredient in our Soil Enhancer and Soil Conditioner. If you are a rural municipality, city, agri-food company, landscaper, etc., we offer an environmentally friendly solution. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you lower your carbon footprint.


Crop & Soil Consultation

HumaTerra offers a crop and soil consultation service. Our report is a four-step approach: analyze, diagnose, treat and prevent. We will provide you with a complex overview of the soil's microbial life, the soil's water retention capacity and porosity. Additionally, we provide solutions to improve your soil allowing you to grow healthy and prosperous crops. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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