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Main results 2016-2018.   

Short synthesis of methodology and global results 


  • 2016

–Preliminary tests on an imported soil enhancer - see results hereunder

–Small plots of 0.5 acre and 15acres

–First encouraging results on rooting and yield, when application in due time

  • 2017

–First tests with Humaterra IMSECS, H1Cl and HEHA3, both designed for cereals, not canola - see results hereunder

–Real  farming condition testing: comparison of IMSEC applied ½ quarters against conventional control ½ quarters: total of 1400ac applied.

– Demonstration that beyond the positive effect on the soil, increased yields and profits are recorded

  • 2018

–Second year of tests with Humaterra specific IMSECs for cereals/row crops (HSECrop1) and canola (HSECan1). Quality problems with HSECrop 1 production, hence no results - see results for canola hereunder

–Real farming condition testing on ½ quarters against ½ quarter control (2300 ac applied)

Demonstration of increased yields in canola with specific IMSECS

  • 2019

- First  independent trials 

2016- indicative results. First Proof of concept 

•Roots of the flax in the applied soils are 15% longer and stronger than the control.

•Stem’s of the flax in the applied soils have a significant larger diameter than those in the control soils.

•Yield in the applied soils (no Nitrogen) is 29% higher than the control soils (50lb N).

•On  larger parcels, when the MSEs were applied as an addition at 90lb/acre to the conventional treatment, yield increases were measured for canola (+18%), oat (+8%) and mixed crops (+6%).

2017- proof of concept at field scale 
2018 on Canola at field scale