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IMSECS: Indigenous Microbial Soil Enhancers  and Soil Conditioners.
Both are micro-organisms based pellet formulations for use in REGENERATIVE Agriculture,  to improve your soils and crops 
HumaTerra's Soil Enhancers, HSECrop1 (Organic) and HSECan1

You are  a farmer in Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba  and  you want  to optimize the use  of your fertilizers and increase your yields, or reduce  your fertilizers  and maintain your yield level while improving your crop quality; you want to reduce the impact of the diseases and reduce the use of pesticides. You want to impove the structure and quality of your soils.

Contact us and try Humaterra's s Soil Enhancers. You'll see the difference. 

The HumaTerra Soil Enhancers are preferably applied in the furrow at seeding with the air-seeder; they are also suited for broadcast application.

HSECrop1 is compliant with the Organic Standards in Canada.

HumaTerra's Soil and Crop Services 

The soil analysis reports only give a very partial view of the state of fertilty of your soils. HumaTerra offers solutions that will improve not only crop yield and quality but also various parameters of the soil like soil structure, CEC, soil water retention capacity, porosity, microbial life. HumaTerra will provide you advice, expertise and appropriate analyses to measure the changes in your soils.

Humaterra's Soil Conditioner, HSC1 (Organic)


The HumaTerra Soil Conditioners have the same properties as the Soil Enhancers but have a slower effect and are designed for a broadcast application after harvesting. The Soil Conditioners can be considered as amendments and will biologically prepare the soils for seeding at spring.

HSC1 is compliant with the Organic Standards in Canada.

HumaTerra's  Organic Waste Processing Services  


HumaTerra is composting  different kinds of  organic wastes or feedstocks  in the process of making  nutrient and micro-organism rich substrates and Soil Conditioners. Whether you are a Rural Municipality  and are willing to divert organic waste from landfilling, thereby improving your RM carbon footprint , or whether you are an agrifood company and are willing to find an elegant way of eliminating your organic wastes and reducing your carbon footprint, HumaTerra can provide you with solutions! Don't hesitate to contact us